DBS 6 cylinder Air box neck 069.08.0003 £120.00

DBS 6 cylinder Weber carburettor Aluminium air box & lid £745.00

DBSV8 Header tank filler neck kit  £119.00

ebay brake pedal box cover plate.JPG

Stainless steel Pedal box cover £49.00


DBS 6 cylinder S.U carburettor aluminium airbox £745.00

Early AMV8 lever arm rear shock abs

Non Selectaride rear Lever arm shock absorber

DBS & DBSV8 Middle exhaust mount & upgraded 2mm stainless bracket 069.035.0138  £145.00

14" sports Deep Dish Nardi steering wheel in black leather     £575.00

DBS, DBSV8 Accelerator pedal assembly £155.50

Metalastic bump stop buffers     £52.84 pair


DBS & DBSV8 Lever arm Rear shock absorber rebound brackets £130.00

DBS 6 cyl slam plate £68.00

DBS 6 cyl Outer door handle     £110.00

Outer Door lock and key     £72.50

DBS V8 Outer door handle new    £138 .50

DBS & DBSV8 window to door frame bracket rebuild kit                  £75.00

DBS V8 Air outlet outer pillar (pair)     £82.00

Connector fresh air outlet (pair) £82.00


Window regulator nylon wheel       (pair)                          £35.00

 battery retaining upper bracket in stainless steel £55.00

Door lock striker finisher     £42.00

Original Boot lock  £145.00          


Courtesy light button strikers pair £68.00

Bonnet stayclip  £48.50


Used Original DBSV8 R/H door lock assembly 069.065.0129 £245.50

DBS V8 Front hub grease cap 080.023.0109 £23.80 each


DBS & DBSV8 complete fan assembly, £325.00

This replaces both the original Holset Viscous 69.50.202 and the 12 blade fan 69.50.201 

Polished stainless steel sill finisher set includes upper and lower left & right hand, also available in brushed stainless  £585.00    



DBS & DBSV8 Bonnet striker pin           £16.25


Used original expansion tank £15.00

Anti roll bar drop link

Rubber bushes £38.00

Various Keiper seat frames available

 Front cooling duct

Bonnet spring plate £19.90

 DBS 6 cyl & DBSV8 Adwest power steering filter  £29.00                              

DBS Brake servo mount brackets £125.00 pair

Lower Steering coupling £88.00

DBS, DBSV8 & Early AMV8 Koni lever arm conversion                     £575.00

DBS & DBSV8 Master cylinder protection plate R/H/D £95.00

Pulley shield      £35.00

Used original door hinge

DBS & DBSV8 rear rebound stop bracket R/H                  £89.00

DBS & DBSV8 rear rebound stop bracket L/H                 £89.00

Upper wishbone shims 

Upper wishbone bushes                    £55.00

Lower inner wishbone bushes            £35.00

Non locking fuel filler cap, neck , hose and clips          £179.00 

Aluminium front wheel arch stone guard mesh panels 069.88.063/64 £248.00 pair       

DBS 6 Cylinder new replacement brake servo kit £859.00

DBS V8 Mechanical injection support bracket for Bosch injector pump £55.95             

Bare Hand brake lever 069.30.0101 £198.00

DBS & DBSV8 Original Anti Roll bar support bracket £148.00 a pair

DBS 6 Cyl Steering rack support, matched pair  £124.00

DBS & DBSV8 New Anti roll bar mount brackets £98.50 pair

DBS V8 Steering rack support, matched pair £118.00


DBS V8 Automatic gearbox upgraded larger filter and upgraded Nitrile pan gasket £56.00


DBS V8 Automatic gearbox Seal kit including. end seal, gear selector seal, kick down shaft seal and speedo drive seal. £69.00

New DBS V8 Automatic gear box sump with magnetic drain plug £138.00

Chrome door mirror (N/S & O/S available) £248.00 each



DBS & DBSV8 original bonnet stays £148.00 pair


DBS & DBSV8 3 piece rear valance set  £325.00

Original used bonnet

DBS & DBSV8  Mounting bump stop/rebound rubbers pair £44.00

Wire wheel spokes

Wire wheel spokes, long and short available

DBS & DBSV8 Upper wishbone spindle

(used original) £325.00

DB4,5,6,DBS modern servo brackets

DBS 2.5mm thick metal brackets for modern servo upgrade £145.00 a set

DBS & DBSV8 wishbone arms (used originals Pair)

New Thor size 2, Copper & hide hammers

available £28.95 each


DBS 6 cyl used original Thermostat housing 69.06.102,

Elbow 69.06.101, Flange 690544                         £345.00

Various original  front & rear screen finishers

 DBS 6 cylinder Exhaust manifold heatshield    £45.00

DBS, DBSV8 & AMV8 New  polished stainless steel door waist seal carrier 069.078.021/022 L & R hand £138.00 each

 (not including rubber waist seal)

Over rider rubbers   £68.00 each