AMV8 Viscous fan 95.005.0103 & air con spacer pulley 095.005.0102


(not EFI Cars)


AMV8 Viscous fan 095.005.0103, A/C spacer pulley 095/005.0102 and fan blades 095.005.0104  £325.00 (not EFI Cars)


Early AMV8 complete fan assembly, £325.00

This replaces both the original Holset Viscous 69.50.202 and the 12 blade fan 69.50.201 

DBS, DBSV8 & AMV8 New  polished stainless steel door waist seal carrier 069.078.021/022 L & R hand £138.00 each

 (not including rubber waist seal)

Early AMV8 door mounted mirror, L/H & R/H £248.00 each

Window to door frame bracket rebuild kit   £75.00                                               

Window regulator Nylon wheel £35.00 (pair)

AMV8 outer door handle new £138.50

Glove box lock and key     £110.00

Inner door release handle

Ashtray assembly £165.00 (no inner bowl)

AMV8 Hood catch £49.00

Outerdoor lock and key £42.50

Used Original AMV8 R/H door lock assembly 069.065.0179 £245.50

AMV8 & V8 Zagato Middle exhaust mount & upgraded 2mm stainless bracket 069.035.0138  £145.00

Window glass stop bracket £32.00 pair

Heatshield mat 50cm wide £9.00 per metre

Stainless door latch finisher £29.50


Original bonnet stays available


AMV8 exhaust heatshield set

Bonnet stay clip £32.50

AMV8 Rear Exhaust mounting with upgraded 2mm stainless support 095.035.0102 £168.50            

V8 Zagato lower front spoiler/ 88.38014 £525.00

Polished Stainless steel number plate support bracket

Locking fuel filler cap & neck

Fuel filler cap & neck assembly      £179.00

Polished or brushed stainless steel sill finisher set       £585.00

Battery retaining bracket  £45.00

Fuel cut off valve


Stainless steel Fuel filter support bracket


AMV8 Automatic gearbox Seal kit including. end seal, gear selector seal, kick down shaft seal and speedo drive seal. £69.00


AMV8 Automatic gearbox upgraded larger filter and upgraded Nitrile pan gasket £56.00

Adaptor long, heater valve 095.06.0103 £56.70

Brass hose adaptor 77.08.123 £35.00

Early AMV8 accelerator pedal assembly £155.50

AMV8 Diff/cradle special fixings kit         £195.00


AMV8 Diff cover breather assembly £48.00

AMV8 Front hub grease cap 080.023.0109 £23.80 each

Water heater valve  £395.00                  

New AMV8 Automatic gear box sump with magnetic drain plug £138.00


AMV8  Wiper motor rubber drive coupling £75.00

Lower column rubber coupling £88.00


AMV8 & V8 Zagato Vantage X Pack Spec full flow 25 Row oil cooler upgrade kit    £998.00 (Also available with 19 row oil coolers)

Early AMV8 rear valance 3 piece set £325.00

Special upper wishbone washers set of 8  £78.00

Vantage/X Pack/ Zagato Full flow oil cooler mountings Set of 8         £49.95

AMV8 Air outlet outer pillar pair  £75.00

Pre Oscar under-dash screen vent  kit £148.00

Expansion tank bracket (stainless steel)


New Expansion tank and stainless steel bracket £155.00

aluminium front wheel arch stone guard mesh panels 069.088.63/64 £248.00 pair

Connector fresh air outlet pair  £82.00

Lower inner wishbone bushes £35.00

Upper wishbone slipflex bushes set of 4 £96.00

Early AMV8 stainless steel Windscreen washer bottle bracket      £79.00

Upper and lower Radius arms

Stainless steel Pedal box cover plate £45.00

AMV8 & V8 Zagato Original Anti Roll bar support bracket £148.00 a pair

DBS, DBSV8 & Early AMV8 Koni lever arm conversion  £575.00

AMV8 bare Hand brake lever 069.30.0101  £198.00


Early AMV8 rear shock absorber bump stop brackets       £130.00

Early AMV8 Metalastic bump stop buffers  £52.84 pair

Early AMV8 rear lever arm shock absorbers

Steering rack support matched pair £118.00

AMV8 & V8 Zagato Stainless steel Radiator (32.17031) stay & spacers kit £89.50 each

(From chassis No 12337 & 15255) 

AMV8 & V8 Zagato Header tank filler neck kit  £119.00

AMV8 V8 Zagato New  Anti roll bar support brackets £98.50 (pair)

Various front & rear screen finishers available

Early AMV8 Mounting bump stop/rebound rubbers pair £44.00

AMV8 & V8 Zagato wishbone arm 

used original

AMV8 & V8 Zagato Ronal & later spec BBS 13mm wheel spacers £305.00   for 2 x spacers & 10 x studs

Early AMV8 wishbone arms (used originals pair)

AMV8 Stainless steel bracket, hose support 095.061.0027.

£88.00 a pair

AMV8 used original powder coated Air filter housing 095.008.0122 with new air filter £165.00


Aluminium Under tray 95.88.025  £225.00

AMV8 & V8 Zagato Block water drain tap 14" BSP taper thread 691487 £38.50

AMV8 used original Engine stay 80.10.006 £85.00

Early AMV8 Upper wishbone spindle

(used original) £325.00

Wiper pivot housing assembly


AMV8 & Zagato V8 throttle link assembly £98.00

 19 1/42" long 

Original V8 Zagato owners handbook including 48mm enamelled Zagato badge £298.00


DBS, DBSV8 & AMV8 New  polished stainless steel door waist seal carrier 069.078.021/022 L & R hand £138.00 each

 (not including rubber waist seal)

AMV8 Volante genuine Advel Pip Pin 5/16" (securing floating pillar assembly to hydraulic ram) £45.00