DB5 door warning lamp £95.00

Roof light switch           £95.00

DB5/DB6 Polished Aluminum gearknob                       £95.00

Various Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd Original Jet extinguishers available £125.00


DB4 & DB4GT Radio housing console trimmed in leather-cloth £475.00

Original steering wheel centre



DB5 & DB6 Radio housing console trimmed in leather-cloth  £475.00

DB4 / DB4GT radio housing console trimmed in leather-cloth WITH original speaker grill 




DB5 & DB6 Radio housing console trimmed in leather-cloth WITH original speaker grill                                 £575.00

DB5 & DB6 Radio housing console trimmed in leather-cloth WITH original speaker grill and period radio/Voxon 8 track player available on request

Passenger footrest assembly including fire extinguisher £!95.00

DB5 Saloon Sun visors      £495.00

DB Winged headrests supplied trimmed and un-trimmed


Door hinge pillar bracket assembly 


DB Tear drop headrests supplied trimmed and un-trimmed


DB4 & DB5 Britax 3 point static belt £325.00 ( one seat)

Emergency (electric window) lift handle in polished stainless steel 

Emergency (electric window) lift escutcheon  £28.95

DB5 Door check assembly in stainless steel

Original boot lock       £99.00


Various original Keiper seat hinge assemblies available

DB4, DB4GT & DB5 Boot lock escutcheon                £29.00

DB door lock striker pair, l/h & r/h £79.00 each

  Door lock link       £38.00


Window lift switch

DB4 & DB4 GT Original interior light  £125.00


Nardi wood rim steering wheel                                                               £595.00

Original Lucas rear view mirror £270.00

Interior light £295.00

Support bracket for bonnet striker bolt                                 £29.50

Glove box door and surround £275.00

 DB4 & DB4 GT Headlamp dip assembly                  £495.00

DB4 Window winder handles, pair inc escutcheons              £115.00

DB interior door release handles & escutcheons £85.50 pair

Sold out

DB4 & DB4GT indicator switch assembly    £545.00

Panel dash switch

Lights dash switch

Wiper dash switch

Door warning lamp bezel

DB5 Courtesy light 1/4" UNF x 3"Chromed bolt   £42.00 each

Original Castelco switch £26.00

Door warning puddle lamp assembly

DB5 Under bonnet lamp assembly

DB5/6 Leveroll remanufactured seat runner set                (driver & passenger side)  £860.00        

DB Time clock embellisher £75.00                                                   

Original Keiper seat adjuster knob £165.00

Keiper seat knob adjuster centre £32.00

Original Fiam air horns £165.00

(Compressor not included)

DB5 Under bonnet lamp glass                           £65.00

DB5/DB6 Carburettor access panel         £145.00

DB5 Water control valve £59.50

DB5 & DB6 Brake servo upgrade kit             £825.00

DB Stainless steel exhaust manifolds special order

DB5 Exhaust manifold gaskets

DB5 & DB6  Master cylinder protection plate R/H/D £135.00

DB5 Radius arm bolt & head plate kit  £125.00

DB5 Upper wishbone spindle £325.00

Brake fluid reservoir & Sovy

level indicator lid

Upper wishbone bushes  £55.00                                           

Original fluid level indicator

 Dual fluid reservoir & Sovy level indicator

DB5  Lower inner wishbone bushes

DB4, DB5 Screenjet washer bottle assembly, inc heatshield   £295.00

Handbrake adjusting assembly & switch                       £195.00

DB4,DB5 & DB6 handbrake warning switch   £59.00

DB4 & DB5 New Anti roll bar mount brackets £98.50 pair

DB5 Brake master cylinder repair kit £69.95

DB5 Pulley shield       £29.00

DB4, DB5,DB6 Metalastik steering rack mountings

DB5 Anti roll bar drop link rubber bushes    £38.00

DB5 Brake servo repair kit for MK IIA 7" servo           £69.70

DB4, DB5 Exhaust manifold heatshield                            £45.00


Speaker balance control £78.00

Original used Selectaride control

DB4/5/6  tool rolls (No tools)


Original Kismet foot pump   £165.00

DB4 & DB4  GT Rear view mirror P.O.A

DB4 & DB5 Original Anti Roll bar support bracket £148.00 a pair

DB4 GT Zagato seat Frames, untrimmed £695.00 each

Genuine used oil cooler DB4,DB5,DB6


Oil coolers  Special order

Various DB & AM Dash top vents

Used Original DB4 Speedo    £595.00

Used original DB5 Rev counter £595.00

Used original DB5 Speedometer                                    £610.00

Original DB4 used 2 in 1

Water Temp/Amperes gauge   £695.00                                        

DB Time clock and embellisher


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