DB5 Saloon Sun visors      £495.00

DB6 Volante Perspex sunvisor £485.00 pair

DB5 & DB6 Radio housing console trimmed in leather-cloth  £475.00

DB4 & DB4GT Radio housing console trimmed in leather-cloth £475.00

DB Winged headrests supplied trimmed and un-trimmed


DB Tear drop headrests supplied trimmed and un-trimmed

Passenger footrest assembly including fire extinguisher £!95.00


Emergency (electric window) lift handle in polished stainless steel 

Original steering wheel centre £950.00

DB5/DB6 Polished Aluminum gearknob  £125.00

Emergency (electric window) lift escutcheon  £28.95

Various original Keiper seat hinge assemblies available

Original Keiper seat adjuster knob £165.00

Keiper seat knob adjuster centre £32.00

DB interior door release handles & escutcheons £85.50 pair

DB4 Window winder handles, pair inc escutcheons              £115.00

DB6 MKII head rest kit un-trimmed £145.00


Keiper seat catch cover (pair) £65.00

Keiper tilt release anchor   £72.00                                                   

DB6 Volante Hood catch (used original) £175.00


DB6 Volante sunvisor brackets (one Visor) £125.00


Nardi wood rim steering wheel             SOLD OUT

DB5/6 Leveroll remanufactured seat runner set                (driver & passenger side)  £860.00        

Rear swivelling chrome ashtray assembly £160.00


DB4/5/6 Leather-cloth tool rolls (No tools)  £165.00

DB Time clock embellisher £75.00                                                   

Glove box door and surround £275.00

Door warning lamp bezel

Various DB & AM Dash top vents

DB4, DB5 & DB6 Tool Roll, made in UK, black leather-cloth bound in St James red leather, lined in cotton with leather strap. 

Includes original used Britool spanners & period screwdrivers, pliers, hide mallet and more.  £695.00

DB4.DB5,DB6 tool roll

DB4 & DB4 GT clock bezels available

DB2/4 Original Bakerlite 1955       steering wheel

DB Time clock and embellisher

DB cubby box/armrest with leather trimmed lid £425.00

Original DB4 used 2 in 1

Water Temp/Amperes gauge   £695.00                                        

Various Original trim finishers available

Used original DB5 Speedometer   £610.00                  

DB Tool roll in black leather, bound in st James red leather

(no tools) £295.00

Used Original DB4 Speedo    £595.00

Used original DB5 Rev counter £595.00

New Thor size 2, Copper & hide hammers

available £28.95 each

Various Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd Original Jet extinguishers available £125.00


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