Castelco switch £28.00

DB6 interior light assembly £295.00

DB6 Lucas original reverse lamp glass £39.00

DB6 Lucas  Reverse lamp assembly £145.00

Window lift switch 


DB6 Number plate lamp assembly

DB4,DB5 & DB6 Handbrake switch £59.00

DB Door warning lamp bezels

Lucas Battery cut off tap £118.00

Winfield battery charger

Dual fluid reservoir & Sovy level indicator

Original Door warning puddle lamp & Lucas red lens (obsolete) £150.00

Brake fluid reservoir & Sovy level indicator

Used original fluid level indicator

Various original lamp assemblies available

Lucas driving lamp covers £25.00

 Speaker balance control            £78.00

Selectaride control £280.00

DB5 & DB6 Radio housing console WITH original radio/Voxon 8 track & original speaker grill available

DB6 7FJ fuse box covers £14.30

DB under bonnet lamp glass        £65.00

DB6 USA Spec rear light lens £40.00

Original Lucas door warning lamp (obsolete) No lens £120.00

DB5 & DB6 Bonnet lamp, lamp bracket, support bracket and rod assembly

DB6 ignition switch & key ( F.S or F.P key available) £124.00


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