Chrome door mirror (N/S & O/S available)

                                                £248.00 each                     

Bonnet                                           £395.00

Over rider rubbers                 

£58.00 each                                         

Cover plate         £125.00

Used original centre console

Original window lift switch

Door warning light assembly

Fuse box covers (set of 3)


DBSV8 Fuse box assembly



DBS, DBSV8 Accelerator pedal assembly £155.50

Stainless steel Pedal box cover


DBS & DBSV8 original bonnet stays

    pair   £148.00

DBS & DBSV8 Rear shock absorber bump stop brackets £130.00

Metalastic bump stop buffers     £52.84 pair

14" sports Deep Dish Nardi steering wheel in black leather     £575.00

DBS front sidelight/indicator casing

DBS original Front indicator lens L/H & R/H                              £49.00 each

DBS used original front side light lens 

Outer door handle

Connector fresh air outlet (pair)


DBS V8 Air outlet outer pillar (pair)                                 £82.00

Battery cut off support    bracket                        £25.00

Passenger footrest brackets in polished stainless steel £79.00

DBS & DBSV8 window to door frame bracket rebuild kit £65.00

Anti roll bar drop link

Rubber bushes £38.00

DBSV8 Battery box cover £178.00

DBS Brake servo mount brackets

Window regulator nylon wheel £35.00

Polished stainless sill finisher set              £585.00

Pulley shield      £29.00

DBS & DBSV8 Master cylinder protection plate R/H/D £95.00

Boot hinge covers and boot trim covers Pair £140.00

Steering Wheel centre


Steering coupling £49.55

Glove box/map lamp

Glove box/map lamp

Butlers Map lamp

DBS & DBSV8 L/H/D Centre console/cubby box/armrest (factory option) 

DBS & DBSV8 boot hinge trim covers (in leathercloth) £82.00

DBS & DBSV8 Rear Inertia seatbelt pods £148.00

DBSV8 Auto gear knob 

untrimmed £97.50

Brushed Stainless sill finisher set


Lagonda Ltd Jet extinguisher

Fuse box stick on label £12.50

Boot lock barrel           £19.00

Rear light bulb holders                                                   £48.00

Original Boot lock            

DBS, DBSV8 & Early AMV8 Koni lever arm conversion                     £575.00

DBSV8 battery retaining upper bracket in stainless steel £45.00

SU Fuel pump

Rear light red lens    £59.00

Rear light Amber lens £49.00

DBS, DBSV8 Britax 3 point static seatbelt           £325.00 (one seat)

DBSV8 inc DBS 6 cyl Adwest power steering filter                               £29.00

Door lock striker finisher £29.00

Early DBS Battery box 

cover, commencing chassis No DBS/5000 £225.00

DBS, DBSV8 passenger footrest brackets (made in polished stainless steel) £79.00

Door ashtray assembly £275.00

Please contact to confirm stock

DBS V8 Mechanical injection Bosch fuel pump £625.00

Courtesy light button strikers pair £55.00

DBS & DBSV8 Bonnet striker pin           £16.25

Used original expansion tank £15.00

Rear Exhaust mounting £119.50

Duel Reservoir &

Sovy level indicator

DBS & DBSV8 rear rebound stop bracket R/H                  £78.00

DBS & DBSV8 rear rebound stop bracket L/H

Front sidelight/indicator    £65.00

Lever arm buffer stop £38.60

Bonnet spring plate £19.90

DBS V8 Battery cut of tap

Earth lead £15.99

Panel illumination switch rheostat £45.00

Handbrake warning switch £19.95

Lower inner wishbone bushes £32.00

Bonnet stayclip £32.50

Upper wishbone shims 

DBS & DBSV8 Tinted acrylic sunvisor set £458.00

DBSV8 & Early AMV8 number plate lamp assembly                          £

Upper wishbone bushes £55.00

DBS V8 Mechanical injection

support bracket for Bosch injector pump £49.95

DBS V8, AMV8 & V8 Zagato New toll roll kit £395.00

Speaker balance control           £78.00

DBS & DBSV8 Jack/tool bag

(not including jack) £249.00

DBS Early Battery box cover 

commencing chassis no DBS/5000      



 Contact Peter Scott on 

+44 (0) 1825 732306   for stock availability, prices   and services required


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